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Marvin Reyes, owner of Starlight Painting Contractors, is a great example
of membership and has a powerful story for HCAC to share.

The story of how Mr. Reyes became such a professional entrepreneur is a wonderful story of success. As a very persistent member who took advantage of the networking and learning opportunities that HCAC had to offer, Marvin put the knowledge he gained into practice. In time, he turned contacts and leads from networking events into solid business relationships.

When Marvin first became a member, he was eager to learn and succeed. He made sure to follow the good examples, to surround himself by colleagues who shared similar backgrounds and objectives, and to sign up for every class. At the same time, he worked hard to meet every General Contractor who attended HCAC classes and events. As a result of his efforts, Marvin was publicly recognized for his hard work and proudly awarded by several other organizations.

Today, Starlight Painting Contractors has done business with local and national builders and contractors such as Rodgers Builders, JE Dunn Construction, Messer Construction, Balfour Beatty Construction and Samet Corporation, among others.

Marvin is an example of leadership and reciprocity when it comes to membership. He believes if you get something you should give something back. His networking has made a tremendous impact on the wellness of his business. With his involvement in activities and events, he has shown that it’s important to give back to the organization which lent him a hand when he needed it most. When things started to go well for Starlight Painting Contractors, Marvin become the first Hispanic contractor who sponsored HCAC at a higher level. He even donated a flat screen for our plan-room, which at the time, was vital for the effectiveness of this one. Starlight Painting Contractors continues to sponsor many of the events and initiatives taking place.

We thank Marvin Reyes and Starlight Painting Contractors and wish them continuous success.


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