HCAC: 10 years and counting: Meet HCACs Founding Members

As we continue celebrating 10th years of serving and assisting the Hispanic construction community of the Carolinas, we met with Millie Aguilar, owner of Red Rooster Contractors and one of our founding members, to find more about her journey as a business women in construction and the role that HCAC has played on it.

HCAC: Tell us more about you and your company

Millie: Red Rooster Contractors was established in 2009. We started as residential roofing contractors for The Home Depot and a few years later we decided to become independent contractors. At the same time, we decided to expend our business into the commercial market. Today we provide not only commercial and residential roofing, but also drywall, flooring, carpentry, insulation and residential framing.

HCAC: What made you join the association in the first place?

M: Becoming a member of the association was an advice from Richard Latorre, CEO of Latorre Insurance. That day, I was getting our commercial insurance policy for the first time. Attending a meeting of the HCAC was a great step that helped me know more about the construction industry and the contracting opportunities available in Charlotte.

HCAC: How has your business changed since its beginning?

M: Red Rooster Contractors has evolved gradually, we needed to build a strong foundation that would allow us to grow and expand our business with confidence. If I look back to where we started and compare with today’s situation, I must recognize the tremendous development that the company experienced and I have to thank the Hispanic Contractors Association and its members for their support and their role in that development.

HCAC: What changes have you noticed in HCAC? How was HCAC 10 years ago? How is HCAC now?

M: I have been a witness of the great accomplishments that HCAC has achieved in all these years. 10 years ago, they were eager to serve a community in need and they succeeded. HCAC was very well accepted since the beginning. Today they are still looking for new resources and tools that could benefit us, always at the vanguard and advocating for minority contractors. The integrity of the organization remains pure and eager to help our community.

HCAC: What have you gained from the membership?

M: We have benefit from pretty much every program and event that we attended. Also, the easy access to information from contracting opportunities, local general contractors and builder’s contact information, makes it a very nice contribution to anybody’s business operation. Safety trainings, business management classes and specific guidance are other important items to count on.

HCAC: What makes you to continue investing in HCAC?

M: I agree with their vision and their purpose to help Hispanic contractors grow as independent contractors and business owners and I am sure that having the Association by our side, is the right path for us to have a chance at it.

M: HCAC: Is there anything else you want to share with us and the members?

M: “I would like to share that Red Rooster Contractors is not the same since we became members of the Association, they have pushed me personally, to grow and to make a difference in our community. We are not only the labor on the construction industry, we can become much more than that. We can become very successful business owners in the United States, and HCAC plays a key role on this”, said Millie Aguilar, Owner of Red Rooster Contractors.

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