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Blue Prestige Inc.: First Latino owned staffing company in Burlington, NC

We talked to Blue Prestige Inc, the first Latino family owned staffing company in Burlington, NC and they told us that the company has built top of the art modern buildings as well as businesses in commercial and industrial projects. The company started on 2016 as Universal Prestige Staffing, later changing the name to Blue Prestige Inc, in 2018.

“Our focus is hiring highly skilled HVAC sheet metal installers and/or plumbers, pipe fitters, welders, and labor workers.” said Victor Ocana, Director of Human Resources. “Our strict screening guarantees us with candidates that are qualified, reliable, and safe performance in their fields.” he added.

Mr. Ocana explained to us that the difference between Blue Prestige Inc. over other staffing agencies is that they have implemented free skilled trades training to all employees under a foreman’s supervision, with no additional charge. As an employee you also have the capability of 24/7 reliable point of contact with their staff for any discrepancies. “We use a hiring method that enables us to find the best and suitable people for customer’s projects, small or large.” added Mr. Ocana.

The customers of Blue Prestige Inc are mostly mechanical and general contractors from small to large corporations. Not only they work locally, but along the east coast too. Projects are being constructed from the south of Alabama up to the north of Pennsylvania, including the Carolinas (Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh, & The Triad area)

Getting to know more about the services they offer:

  • HVAC installation, such as, pipes, tubes, and heating and air conditioning ducts (squared, round, rectangular, etc.). Not only can they install but also fabricate or alter parts at the construction sites. Installing grills and dampers, units, and cooling towers can be done too.
  • Plumbing workers can install cast iron copper and steel pipes. As well as install all fixtures, storm drains, solder cooper, install water heaters, gas pipes, drinking fountains, etc.
  • Label worker tasks are cleaning, carrying materials, load and unloading trucks, etc.

We asked them a few other questions one on one, with the main purpose of understanding the market from their perspective:

- What would you say is the number one mistake businesses owners make when looking for a staffing agency:

In our opinion, the number one mistake business owners make is not specifying the details of workers duties and specifications. The more information that we gather from the customer needs, the better qualified workers we will provide.

- Are there any services that you provide to avoid making this type of mistake?

We recommend being more detailed in your needs with what qualifications are expected from man power. Thus, saving time and money. We provide better communication with customer’s operation personnel and field supervision ensures better safe work performance.

- From your point of view in the construction industry, could you share some tips for small businesses that are growing?

Safety training is one of the main concerns, in general, in construction sites. We should receive more feedback from workers to ensure their safety. When workers feel that the company is listening to their concerns, they will work more adequately. With that said, we have OSHA safety training personnel with 10 and 30 hours in our staff and field.

- Tell us about your perception about HCAC:

We can perform in the construction field with a solid back support in the industry, as a member of the association. The association contributes a forum that allows wider marketing to reach potential customers.

HCAC is proud to share this information with you, for additional information please contact:

Victor Ocana, Human Resources
Blue Prestige Inc.
100 N Church St.
Burlington NC 27217
(336) 350-8375 Office
(336) 350-7069 Direct Line
(919) 923-9277 Cell

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