Meet Legacy Cleaning Service, Inc.

Their story…

Legacy Cleaning Service, Inc. began operations in March 2015 with the purpose of providing high quality service to the cleaning market of the Carolinas, giving priority to customer satisfaction, at all times. The company provides recurring cleaning services, commonly before and after moving from a house, or after construction or remodeling, either in the residential or commercial areas.

Their vision ...

We spoke with Evelin Valdivieso, owner and president of Legacy Cleaning Service, Inc. and according to her, investing time and money to obtain certifications and training is what today gives an advantage in this competitive market. "Our customers seek serious and qualified companies to carry out the work without hindrance", says Evelyn. "We believe that training in occupational safety and health is essential and that is why our workers are trained in 10hrs and 30 hrs of OSHA, motorized equipment such as forklifts and elevated work platforms, as well as working with hazardous materials, among others."

Their way to overcome obstacles ...

Evelin tells us that the difficulties faced by small contractors to larger companies are very difficult to overcome and that the beginning is always the most difficult, in part due to lack of capital and customers but if you know how to take advantage of aspects that small contractors have in favor, is possible to move forward and be victorious. "Small entrepreneurs break with the bureaucracy of large companies, have direct contact with customers, know their real needs and create relationships of trust in the long term," said Evelin.

Their message…

Valdivieso says goodbye with the following message: "Being a member of HCAC is being part of a great team. The Association offers a guide and the necessary tools for us to meet our goals, we feel we have an ally at all times. It is thanks to this support to entrepreneurs like us, that we can be successful and go from being with our hands tied to developing our dreams."

For more information please visit:

The company is located in 226 Westinghouse Blvd, Suite 301 Charlotte NC 28273.

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